We provide a complete solution from initial system design, project management including working with architects, building contractors and electricians, then on to room and furniture design and finally supply, installation and testing of equipment and ongoing support.

Our solution provides teaching professionals with reliable and easy clutter free Windows set-up with all unneccessary prompts and icons removed allowing pupils and staff to focus on the task at hand. Our clients are small allowing for compact tables to be installed even in the smallest room ensuring the greatest number of hands on keyboards possible. Software is managed on a central single image that is immediately deployed to systems as they are switched on, start-up times are also faster than most PC based ICT suites.

We are proud many of our customers today were customers of ours at our inception in 1999 and before; customer service, honest advice and an attention to detail we believe is key to our success.

Provisioned Client on Table showing efficient use of small worktop and tidy cabling.Efficient use of space with rack mounted and power efficient virtual servers.