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How to order goods

Ideally a formal business to business procurement method should be used. This safeguards everyone from unexpected and unwelcome surprises during a transaction:

  • Mis-communication
  • Unexpected goods
  • Differing specification or quality
  • Unexpected quantity
  • Unexpected price
  • Unauthorised expenditure

We will:

  • Provide a detailed written quotation.
  • Prices are always subject to change (exchange rates, manufacturer offers and supplier prices) can all change at very short notice and this is beyond our control. We will refer to you for confirmation if the result provides something of lesser specification, quality or scope or will cost more.
  • We will notify you of any changes that result in an overall order price increase before commencing with supply.
  • We will annotate any items where a price is likely to change by marking it as estimated.
  • We may substitute a part for an equal item. This is common on computer systems where a manufacturer revises a part code but provides an alternative replacement part code to use – the systems typically are almost identical. If we feel there is any concern we will notify you for your approval.
  • Do our best to identify duplicate orders.

Schools often have last minute urgent requirements, however we have to respect local authority guidance:

  • Schools are expected to follow internal procedure when requesting the supply of goods and services.
  • Provide a formal purchase order, signed or approved by an authorising officer.
  • Follow procedure set by their local authority of academy trust (MAT).

We will when we agree urgent supply or assistance is necessary:

  • Allow confirmation by email from a department head or school head teacher.
  • The value of the goods is small (less than £1,000).
  • The items can be returned easily should a dispute occur.

Please help us, to help you. Whenever possible please raise a full purchase order and only expect us to supply goods or services without one when exceptional circumstances occur.