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Prospective and existing suppliers will be directed to this page.

Selling to Surftec Ltd:

  • We will only purchase from a manufacturer’s approved main distributors. For quality, compliance and warranty purposes we cannot gain supply from independent distributors or re-sellers. Our products are sold into education and primarily used by young children and for quality purposes we cannot risk counterfeit or mis-channelled goods entering into our stock.
  • We solely use stockinthechannel.com to source products. To win our business you must ensure your price feed into Stock in the Channel is competitive. If you have not already approved us to receive your price feed please contact us, we will happily add you.
If you are failing to win business from us this may be due to a number of factors:
  • Your prices are not competitive, ensure your StockInTheChannel price feed is as competitive as it can be.
  • You do not have stock.
  • Delivery costs are expensive.
  • We do not have a credit limit with you, or the limit offered is small.
  • You are not an approved distributor for the main brands we resell.
  • You do not offer direct shipping.
  • We don’t have a named contact within your sales staff.
  • You don’t offer EDI or on-line ordering.


  • Manufacturer offers which last only for a very short period of time are not of interest to us. We do not hold stock. All goods supplied by Surftec are ordered specifically for our end customer and typically shipped direct.
  • Please do not email us your newsletters or offers unless you are one of our chosen manufacturing partners and we have specifically requested a monthly product spreadsheet.
  • Please do not call us, daily, weekly, monthly or any other frequency of account “catch up” calls are not appreciated and will cause us to discontinue using you as a supplier.


  • Please submit a PDF attached invoice to accounts@surftec.com
  • Post your invoice to our company address:
    Surftec Ltd
    5 Mead Lane
    GU9 7DY
  • We will not collect invoices from your website by manual login or any other process. Invoices must be sent using one of the above methods.


  • Advise us of bank account changes within your invoices. We will not implement a bank account change solely on written instruction. You must include notification within an invoice that references a valid purchase order. This is to ensure no unauthorised changes are made as a result of fraud.