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Headphones come in many shapes and sizes but when it comes to classroom use the choice often boils down to two main techniques:

  • Cheaply replaced when broken.
  • Heavy duty, longer lasting.

All headphones get broken, children can be heavy handed, cables get tangled and ear pads become detached and lost.

The Logitech Dialog 220 headphones feature an incorporated volume control and are a basic cheap set of stereo headphones. Typically survive a single academic year however at one third the price of our heavy duty headphones often are no more expensive to run and provide the added advantage of avoiding cleaning and cable management.

We then provide the hugely popular HD3030 which have a proven track record of being robust and surviving the typical abuse seen in education for three or more years. We also have a newer Robust Headphones and Mic with robust design and built in microphone ideal for multimedia and conferencing applications.

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