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System Deployment

Fixed Price

£45 per system fixed price deployment. So that single extra laptop for a new member of staff is equally affordable as an entire new suite of computers.

Discounts available on 31 or more systems. New systems supplied and deployed within three working days.

Your software to your specification

We maintain all the latest software to install. Only the software you require is installed. You choose from Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. All unwanted manufacturer bundled software is removed.


Ready for use

Everything is pre-configured. Software licence codes applied. Wireless settings imported. The final stage is to name and apply to your school domain; simply run our script and this is all handled – the system reboots and your network users can log in and make immediate use of this new asset.

The problem

  • Installing a diverse set of software in a time efficient and cost effective way.
  • Downloading latest versions of software
  • Finding drivers and installing them.
  • Replicating this across anything from a single system to 16 or more.

ICT teachers and technicians will appreciate the time taken to deploy systems ready for use in a school. The problem is schools often don’t run enough systems to make deployment technology cost effective.

Existing deployment solutions

  • System Management such as SCCM and MDT.
  • System imaging.

Maintaining deployment technologies is a continual and time consuming task. It works for large companies with hundreds of devices but for schools who typically have 16-32 of each hardware specification existing deployment technologies often take more time being installed, managed, supported and maintained than the time they save.

Surftec’s Deployment Solution

We take on the role of managing a central deployment repository. We manage in excess of 1,000 devices and as such keeping pace with frequently updating software such as Adobe Reader, Sun Java, Apple iTunes as well as SMART Notebook, Magix Movie Edit Pro and many other frequently used software titles that need installing on all devices deployed into schools.

Our solution removes the need for a school to manage this in-house. Our deployment is fully customised to a schools specific needs:

  • Schools specific software installed.
  • Machine specific drivers installed.
  • Latest versions installed.
  • Flat pricing from a single machine to many. Discount apply on 31 or more identical systems.
  • Need an extra laptop for a new teacher, it can be supplied fully deployed within three working days.