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Call Charges

Moving to VoIP breaks the traditional and often expensive phone supplier contracts, in addition VoIP brings call charges down as the Internet allows data to traverse the globe without any cost, therefore the charges represent the final short hop between the Internet and the local last few miles of phone cable. Traditional phone networks would rely upon a call traverse many telecom networks each adding a small charge before the call terminates at its destination, thus the further afield the greater the call cost. Even within the UK this change in technology has brought about great change and one of the key reasons why local and national calls are now the same price.

In addition to this many don’t realise BT business rates are far more expensive than those you’d pay as a consumer at home. Our VoIP charges are the same regardless of if your a home consumer, school or business user. This alone can save a school hundreds if not thousands of pounds cost each year.

Call charges shown below are each suppliers standard rates without any discount bundles, calling plan or subscriptions added. With BT Call Essentials standard UK landline costs drop to 5p per minute, plus 2p call setup, this is still seven times more expensive than our standard rate.

Our calls are billed by the second, with a minimum of 20 seconds charged per call with no call setup charges. So a call that is 20 seconds or less to a landline UK number will cost 0.334p, the same call with BT will cost 7p (on Call Essentials) or 50p without any discount plan. Those calls where you reach someone’s voicemail where you leave no message really cost a lot more!

Number Surftec VoIP BT Business
Per Minute Per Call Setup Per Minute Per Call Setup
UK Landline (01, 02, 03) 1p 0p 25p 25p
UK Access Charge (084, 087, 09 & 118)
Service charge differs based on organisation you are calling, see Ofcom for further detail.
2.5p See Ofcom 25p See Ofcom
UK Mobile
(EE, O2, Vodafone, Three)
9p 25p 25p
Argentina 2.88p 300p 25p
Austria 2.4p 110p 25p
Australia 2.88p 170p 25p
Belgium 1.84p 110p 25p
Brazil 2.6p 300p 25p
China 2.33p 300p 25p
Croatia 5.73p 250p 25p
Cyprus 2.51p 250p 25p
Denmark 2.04p 110p 25p
France 1.38p 110p 25p
Germany 1.56p 110p 25p
Greece 2.42p 110p 25p
India 2p* 250p 25p
Ireland 1.3p 75p 25p
Italy 1.3p 110p 25p
Jamaica 12p 300p 25p
Japan 4p 170p 25p
Korea (S) 4.64p 300p 25p
Netherlands 2.42p 110p 25p
Mexico 1.3p 300p 25p
New Zealand 3.2p 170p 25p
Norway 1.3p 110p 25p
Pakistan 12.8p 250p 25p
Poland 2.56p 170p 25p
Portugal 1.3p 170p 25p
Russia 1.5p 250p 25p
South Africa 4.5p 170p 25p
Spain 1.3p 110p 25p
Sweden 1.3p 110p 25p
Switzerland 1.9p 110p 25p
Turkey 4.8p 250p 25p
USA 1.3p 110p 25p
  • No connection charges or setup fees.
  • Calls billed by the second, minimum duration of 20 seconds.
  • Calls within the network, between extensions are free – anywhere in the world.
  • All prices exclude VAT.
  • Please factor in mobile data usage fees when using away from wireless Internet.
  • These prices are our standard rates, before any discount bundles or packs or negotiated bulk discounts.
  • BT prices are based on their standard tariff, lower costs can be obtained by subscribing to their discount call plans.
  • In comparison even with the best call plan on offer landline call charges are 5p (4p more expensive).
  • Mobile charges are 3p less but do include a call setup charge so for short calls we may be cheaper overall.