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Proxy Settings

Within almost all school networks you have to use a proxy server to access the Internet. This is to stop pupils accessing inappropriate content. As a result simply joining your wireless network isn’t sufficient to access resources on the web.


Open Settings

Settings App is normally found by sliding the home screen to the left.


Under "Wireless and networks"

Ensure the switch is green or selected to the on position bext to Wi-Fi, then press Wi-Fi.


Connect to Wi-Fi network

It may take a few seconds before wi-fi networks appear in this list. Press on your school wi-fi network. If prompted enter the wi-fi password. Make sure you tick “Show advanced options” if the option is present and then press “Connect”.


Enter advanced settings and set proxy

If you just joined the wi-fi and ticked the “Show advanced” then you can now enter the proxy server address and port number.

If your device has already been joined to the wireless do a long press on your wireless network name in the list.

For NetManager schools your settings are most likely:

  • Server: netmanager (on some versions of Android you have to specify an IP address which is typically
  • Port: Curriculum: 3128, Staff: 3129, Technicians and Servers: 3130