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Service Level Agreement

Ahead of contractual terms, our aim is to provide a helpful, flexible, friendly and reliable service to our customers.

Our agreement

Our service level agreement details what you should expect from Surftec Ltd when you require on-site assistance. It also details what we require from you before assistance can be given or to ensure we are able to meet our SLA targets. If parts have to be ordered a quotation will be provided and an official school purchase order will be required for those parts before a service request can continue.

Our on-site request can be accepted without a school purchase order for engineer time only if the form is counter signed by an authorising officer. It is the requesting officers responsibility to ensure they are following the school/counties policies for requesting chargeable services – you may still be required to raise a school requisition/order. Our aim is to ensure urgent or disruptive problems are solved quickly to minimise impact to pupils learning.

Our SLA will not cover school accounts which are on credit hold, on-site work that has been previously booked may be put on hold if a school goes outside agreed credit terms.

Our Aims
A: All voice calls regarding on-site service will be answered within 30 seconds (if operators are unavailable by an automated attendant and given the opportunity to leave voicemail). All phone calls are recorded.
B: Voicemails regarding on-site service will be acted upon within 4 working hours (see note: 4).
C: All on-site support requests will be answered within 2 working days (same day if possible).
D: On-Site request forms will be returned for signing within 2 working days indicating an estimated time required and if any parts (see notes: 1 & 3) need to be ordered.
E: The school must submit a formal school order for any items that need to be ordered in to complete an issue resolution (see note: 1).
F: On-site visits will be scheduled to take place within 10 (see note: 1) working days. Urgent requests where the fault has caused a complete network failure within 2 (see note: 1) working days.
G: Agreed arrival times for visits will not be more than 1 hour from the agreed time without 2 (see note: 4) hours notice of a possible delay or cancellation.
H: If a visit is missed (due to urgency or staff illness) an alternative time date and time be arranged within 2 working days and visit performed within 10 working days of the failed visit.
I: Issues will be dealt with in the order of priority unless issues can be dealt with concurrently alongside more urgent issues, or if a less urgent issue is likely to be the cause or linked to a higher priority issue (see note: 3).
J: Any issues not resolved within the time allocated will be postponed until the next on-site visit and a new form will be raised (see note: 2).
K: Issues submitted which would normally be covered by any remote support contract cover that is also in place will be flagged up for remote support to deal with.
L: The end user should assist with the diagnosis of any issue ahead of a site visit to help identify if any parts are required or to formulate a plan of action (see notes: 2 & 3).
M: Intermittent faults may require detailed feedback after adjustments have been made (see notes: 2 & 3)
N: Work carried out off-site as part of pre-paid time or a support contract will be charged at 0.875:1 hour ratio and therefore benefit from off-site charge discounts.
O: When equipment needs to be taken off site for repair or further diagnosis we will provide a quotation within 10 working days, equipment will be returned within 4 weeks (see note: 1).
P: Equipment taken off-site for diagnostics or repair can be returned in advance of the next site-visit by courier delivery service (carriage prices detailed below).
Q: Issues caused by failing equipment still covered by a manufacturers warranty can be dealt with on behalf of the school during an on-site visit.
R: Equipment covered by a manufacturers warranty that is on a “Return to base”, “Customer Carry-in” basis can be collected and forwarded (carriage forward prices detailed below). The school is responsible for packaging such failed equipment securely.
S: Equipment covered by a manufacturers warranty that is on a “On-Site” basis, we will document the symptoms seen during the on-site visit and contact the manufacturer’s warranty department to initiate their warranty cover. The school will be expected to follow the on-going warranty claim process as provided by the manufacturer.
T: Equipment that is beyond economical repair can either be disposed of (see note: 5) or if a school wishes to retain the item for parts and does not deem it as “waste” it can be returned ahead of the next site-visit (carriage prices detailed below).
U: We will make best efforts to support equipment not supplied by Surftec Ltd however no guarantees are given or implied.
1: If spare parts are required this may delay on-site and off-site work if the school order for those parts is late, those parts are not available or in short supply.
2: We will make best efforts to resolve all faults during one visit, however no guarantees are given or implied regarding the success of this and further visits and/or parts may be required. Issues may require feedback over a period of time, especially for issues which are intermittent. Items may need to be taken away off site for further testing, repair or replacement.
3: Detailed issue reports providing as much detail as possible will help ensure more faults are resolved during the first visit and that sufficient detail is given to allow us to prepare a full plan of action, identify tools required and identify what spares are required.
4: You will be contacted by either phone, message/voicemail message, e-mail or text message.
5: Additional charges may apply.