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About Surftec Ltd

Surftec Ltd was formed in August 1999 by its founder and managing director Neil Farnham-Smith, having worked for local reseller and sub-contractor to Acorn Computers, Xemplar Education and Apple Education from 1996 to 1999.

Surftec is first and foremost interested in the technology, supplying the right solution is our first priority. We specialise in education, and unlike a business PC supplier we understand the unique challenges schools face with ICT. Understanding a teacher’s requirements and translating that into supply and installation is key to what we do.

Our deep understanding of the technical side of things allows us to suggest suitable solutions to ensure our school customer ends up with is reliable, cost effective and minimises unnecessary waste.


Quality Promise

Our philosophy is to work with an established customer base and develop long term engagements with all our customers. To achieve this care, attention to detail, trust and value for money must be at the heart of everything we do.

We are proud many of our customers were customers of ours at our inception in 1999.


Our Motivation

A love of technology, researching products and ending up with the right solution to meet a schools needs.

We enjoy working in the education sector and take great pride in ensuring children’s education in enhanced by our efforts.


Our Experience

Surftec has been trading in the education sector since 1999 and our founder before then. We work with the smallest of infant schools through to the largest of academies and colleges.

Our focus is on education, but we have been invited to provide bespoke software solutions to some of the largest organisations where security and safety were critical including the UK MOD/Royal Navy.

Our Location

Surftec Ltd

We are situated just ten minute walk from Farnham train station which is within an hour of London.

Easy road access from M3, A3 and A31.

45 minutes from either London Heathrow or London Gatwick airports.

Travelling to Surftec Ltd is easy

  • Main Line Train to Farnham Station on the ‘Alton’ line from London Waterloo Station in an hour.
  • Fly to Southampton, London Heathrow or London Gatwick all approximately a 50 minute drive from Farnham.
  • Drive to Farnham with a short 15 minute journey from major routes including M3 and A3. We are just 20 minutes from M25 junction 12 and 25 minutes from M25 J10.
  • We are situated in the corner of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Our address

  • Surftec Ltd
    5 Mead Lane
    GU9 7DY
  • Tel: +44 (0)1428 608121
  • Fax: +44 (0)1428 608123
  • eMail: sales@surftec.com

Our business details

  • Registered in England and Wales. Company registration number:
  • VAT registration number:
    GB 744 5434 28
  • Trading address and HQ:
    Surftec Ltd, 5 Mead Lane, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7DY
  • Registered Office:
    Burma Cottage, Glen Road, Hindhead, Surrey, GU26 6QE

Our History

Early Years

Having worked as an installation engineer installing the Xemplar Education Matrix NC solution, Neil had become a lead field engineer in the UK often being asked to work outside of his employers agency area to fix installation issues further afield.

The Matrix NC solution was one of the first server based computer solutions, it provided schools with the best of both worlds. It allowed schools to continue the use of the legacy investment in Acorn computer software and migrate onto Windows based software.

Server Based Computing

As demand and support for Acorn software fell we moved into supplying and supporting faster ICA thin-client systems able to handle faster video and audio. Whilst thin-clients have never been strong in either of these areas the cost effective infrastructure, low cost upgrade cycle and easy upkeep far outweighed the equivalent solutions based on full sized PC systems installed with their own unique operating systems and software.

Teacher Laptops

As ICT grew in schools so did the need for teacher computers, typically laptops. We needed to source a reliable vendor of hardware to partner with and decided to focus on IBM ThinkCentre and ThinkPad which shortly after turned into the now number one PC manufacturer Lenovo.

Our aim was to provide a sensible balance of thick-client Lenovo PC systems with thin-client Citrix server based terminals to maximise efficiency, keep costs low and have minimal support overhead.

Interactive Boom

Often in the education sector new technology becomes a booming success. Interactive Whiteboards were the new gold rush in education. We were seeing boards and projectors being screwed to walls and ceilings with little thought to their ongoing management and support.

We helped schools integrate these devices into the network. Allowing teachers to share lesson resources and interactive content. We selected better quality equipment to provide more cost effective and reliable operation from CASIO and their range of LED 10,000 hour projectors. These had better optics, no dust ingress thus no cleaning requirements and a far longer life span which help schools realise far greater operational savings over the lifespan of the solution.

Cloud Computing

We’ve been installing small clouds for years, as essentially thin-clients have always embraced cloud computing by allowing pupils and staff to work on school hosted software and resources from home via their internet connections.

So cloud computing wasn’t new. But could it realise the savings and improvements being promised? We didn’t always think so. However some solutions did and we have helped schools embrace those technologies where appropriate and find a sensible mix between locally hosted and remotely hosted cloud solutions.

BYoD and Mobile Devices

Tablet and laptop computers have been becoming increasingly popular. When combined with cloud computing, managed wireless network infrastructure and good management technology is able to empower each and every teacher and pupil in a school.

Server based computing and our experience in managing technology both play a part in making these concepts a success.

Deployment, Automation and MDM

ICT is becoming increasingly complex, automation keeps a lid on increasing costs and increases quality ensuring each device is ready for use with no software issues.

We have become experts in deployment. Each and every system we supply is installed using scripting and deployment technologies. We are able to investigate reported issues and improve our deployment ensuring each and every lesson is learnt early, fixes applied in mass retrospectively and continually developing a better more reliable product.