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We supply a wide range of peripherals to keep your classroom functioning.

Everything from mice and keyboards, scanners, printers, cables and spares.

Mice and Keyboards

Equip your classroom computers with a reliable and robust mouse and keyboard from Logitech. They are competitively priced, but with a build quality that stands the test of time and typically last typical classroom abuse for many years.


Missing a cable? We offer a selection of common cables such as network, USB and various power cords.

Drives & Storage

Need additional storage or to share data or upgrade an older system with a super fast SSD hard disc drive? We have a selection of USB pen drives for cheap storage and sharing to super fast USB 3 for deployment. We also stock SATA and M2 SSD drives to provide performance and storage upgrades for existing systems.


We have access to all Lenovo Think series spare parts. If you need anything from a new laptop power supply to a new screen or keyboard we are able to source the correct part. We also offer a full repair service and are able to replace any broken or failed parts, such as damaged laptop casing or broken hinges.