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VoIP Phone Services

Our passion is finding reliable solutions to every day challenges using technology. So the humble old telephone is one of those systems which is expensive to support that uses out dated technology.

The age of the Internet and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is here and now a reliable and robust technology that can integrate with other services we supply and support.

Our solution provides a fully supported and fault resistant infrastructure with many peering agreements to provide latency free and reliable phone calls. The VoIP servers are distributed across three data centres in Slough, London and Leeds.

We are able to provide a fully managed VoIP solution for your school through our existing Surftec invoicing.

  • Specialist school support, we understand schools.
  • Retain your existing phone numbers and easily port them to our VoIP service.
  • Allow staff to handle calls during school closure from home, ideal during winter snow.
  • Lower support costs.
  • Uses your existing Internet connection.
  • Lower call charges.
  • More advanced features and automation.
  • Call analytics.
  • Better integration with your office ICT.
  • We provide local support, network integration, consultancy and advice to make the best of your VoIP system.
  • 30 day rolling contract. Billed on 1st of every month.

Incoming Number


We can easily port your existing school phone number to our system. We can additionally supply extra phone numbers should you wish to have a dedicated number for absence reports, your head teacher and so fourth.


Virtual Extension


Connect your existing mobile or landline numbers and answer calls on them just like you would any other extension.

Auto-Attendant (IVR)


Providing parents with an option to leave an absence message by pressing 1 or to speak to reception by pressing 2 or holding is a great way to free up the phone during busy periods such as the start of the school day.

Regular Extension


Create an extension for each member of staff and/or extensions for specific areas such as reception, admin office, head teacher, medical room and so fourth. Connect up to three devices per extension. Each extension includes its own voicemail box, optional call recording and many other features. Teaching staff can make and receive calls directly on their curriculum laptop or classroom computer.

Ring Group


Have incoming calls ring on many extensions of your choice. As an incoming call grows in urgency have it progressively ring on more extensions or cascade. Ensuring no call gets ignored but ensures staff who do not wish to be disturbed too frequently to work in silence until absolutely necessary.


Call Queue


VoIP breaks away from the limitations of a traditional system with maybe only one or two incoming lines. VoIP can allow an unlimited number of callers to queue, so for busy schools this ensures no parent gets an engaged tone.