Proxy Settings

Within almost all school networks you have to use a proxy server to access the Internet. This is to stop pupils accessing inappropriate content. As a result simply joining your wireless network isn’t sufficient to access resources on the web.


Open Settings

Settings App is normally found by sliding the home screen to the left.


Under %22Wireless and networks%22

Ensure the switch is green or selected to the on position bext to Wi-Fi, then press Wi-Fi.


Connect to Wi-Fi network

It may take a few seconds before wi-fi networks appear in this list. Press on your school wi-fi network. If prompted enter the wi-fi password. Make sure you tick “Show advanced options” if the option is present and then press “Connect”.


Enter advanced settings and set proxy

If you just joined the wi-fi and ticked the “Show advanced” then you can now enter the proxy server address and port number.

If your device has already been joined to the wireless do a long press on your wireless network name in the list.

For NetManager schools your settings are most likely:

  • Server: netmanager (on some versions of Android you have to specify an IP address which is typically
  • Port: Curriculum: 3128, Staff: 3129, Technicians and Servers: 3130