Our Prices

Customers who are committed to using Surftec on an ongoing basis and support contract receive attractive on-site and remote rates.

Our prices are set based on complexity of the work and if on-site or not. Travel time factors in the minimum on-site time allowed.

Prices are reviewed and published 1st January each year and valid for the following 12 months (1st January to 31st December).

Ad-hoc Engineer Support

We can perform a wide range of tasks from basic ICT audits, resolving software issues, reinstalling computers to an entire system overhaul.

Thanks to advance remote support tools we are also able to handle a wide range of jobs remotely. Remote time is charged in 5 minute intervals and invoiced in arrears monthly.

# Our discounted remote support rate is for customers who maintain a minimum IT spend of £1,000 per month on hardware, software and services in addition to a minimum of 8 hours remote support.

Hourly Rate Network Engineer* Remote Support# Web Content* Engineer Advanced Engineer Software Developer Out of Contract
On-Site: £60* £90 £100 £160
Remote: £60# £60* £70 £80 £120 £160
Network Engineer

Perform on-site installation of CAT 5e/6 cabling, fibre optic cabling including limited working at height (up to 3 metres). Physical installation of equipment mounted onto walls and ceilings including network cabinets and AV equipment.

Web Content

Web Content is management of images and text within a web-site, basic design of photo and graphics content including basic diagrams, symbols and logos. Includes CSS formatting of pages. Excludes development of bespoke PHP code.


Technician work including installing operating system and application software. Installing hardware including attaching equipment to walls. Excludes work at height.

Advanced Engineer

Carrying out installation work on server software including server operating systems and virtual hosting. Installing and configuring SAN. Project management and consultancy on system design.

Software Developer

Producing bespoke software in PHP or other interpreted programming language. Writing or managing software projects including writing functional specifications.

Minimum time on-site

On-site work is subjected to a minimum time on-site. This is to compensate for the time taken whilst travelling that is not charged for. Minimum time can be avoided by entering into a regular on-site service visits at set intervals, allowing shorter more frequent visits without any additional cost as we combine visits and share travel between several customers.

The table below can be used as an approximate guide. For example some postcode areas benefit from major road links and as such travel times are reduced and benefit from a lower minimum time on-site as a result.

Postcode Area Average Travel Time Minimum Time On-Site
GU 30 Minutes 2 Hours
PO 1 Hour 4 Hours
SO 1 Hour 4 Hours
RG 1 Hour 4 Hours
RH 1 Hour 4 Hours
BN 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
TN 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
CR 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
KT 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
TW 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
SL 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
HP 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
OX 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
SN 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
SP 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
BH 1.5 Hours 6 Hours
Isle of Wight 2 Hours 1 Day
Remaining areas: Sussex, Kent, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset 3 Hours 1 Day
Remainder of England and Wales 4 Hours 2 Days
Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland 5 Hours 3 Days
Inner London, Zone 1 1.5 Hours 4 Hours
London Travel Surcharge £45
London travel is by public transport. Equipment on-site is limited to laptop and basic tool kit. All other requirements must be shipped in advance. Visits which require travel by car will include all parking, toll charges and congestion scheme charges at cost in addition to travel surcharge.
London, Zones 2-4 2 Hours 4 Hours
London Travel Surcharge £60
London travel is by public transport. Equipment on-site is limited to laptop and basic tool kit. All other requirements must be shipped in advance. Visits which require travel by car will include all parking, toll charges at cost in addition to travel surcharge.
London, Zones 5, 6, A and B 2 Hours 6 Hours
London Travel Surcharge £60
Outer London travel is by car.

Regular Service Visits

Having a fixed cost for regular engineer visits can be helpful as staff enjoy knowing that someone is in on a regular basis to help answer any questions they have and resolve any issues that have occurred.

  • Contracts to cover full 12 months.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly frequency.
  • Discounted rates.
  • Extra time can be purchased with same discount.
  • Minimum time on-site reduced to three hours, no charge for travel time other than mileage rate.
Example contracts

Based on 30 miles from GU9 7DY to your premises.

Regular Support – Academic 1 Visit Monthly 2 Visits Monthly 4 Visits Monthly
3 Hours: £2,988.00 £5,822.00 £13,680.00
4 Hours: £3,698.40 £7,198.80 £16,572.00
5 Hours: £4,514.40 £8,668.80 £19,872.00
6 Hours: £5,184.00 £9,792.00 £21,960.00
7 Hours: £5,964.00 £11,256.00 £25,200.00
8 Hours: £6,720.00 £12,672.00 £27,840.00

Equipment Deployment

We provide fixed price deployment of equipment with a best effort made to get every aspect of the device configuration completed to a ready for use state:

  • eMail accounts logged into
  • Application initial setup prompts accepted and configured
  • Software activated
  • Updates all run
  • Drives encrypted
  • Cloud user accounts created


Device Type
Per Device
Complexity Price
Supplied by Surftec
Directly Sourced
Windows or MacOS Computer: 1-2 Cloud Accounts, 1-3 software applications £45.00 £125.00
3+ Cloud Accounts, 4+ Software Applications £65.00 £145.00
Portable Device, Tablet or Phone: 1-2 Cloud Accounts, 1-6 Apps £35.00 £60.00
3+ Cloud Accounts, 7+ Apps £55.00 £80.00
Network Peripheral Device (Router, Switch, CCTV, VoIP Phone, Printer) £25.00 £60.00

Delivery Charges

Our deliveries and collections are handled by DPD Local. Allowing us to arrange delivery and collection of items next business day.

Pre-Configured Systems

One or more intermediate delivery charges are also made if goods are first delivered to us for pre-configuration and deployment before onward delivery to your premises.


Charges are adjusted based on a fuel surcharge percentage which changes frequently. Some addresses such as within central London, Scottish Highlands and Islands around the UK will attract further charges.


Many deliveries are placed on a next day, pre-noon service by default as this also includes £1,000 insurance cover, standard deliveries when insurance is not provided the standard liability is £12/KG. For consignments with a value greater than £1,000 please ask for a shipping quotation.

  Next Business Day
(Not Insured)
Next Business Day Pre-Noon
(Insured £1,000)
(Insured £1,000)
Up to 10KG: £8.50 £11.50 £22.50
Up to 10KG Collection: £13.50 £17.50 £27.50
Express Pack 1KG: £6.50
Insurance £5,000: + £8.00 + £8.00 + £8.00